May 23rd                                                                        South Fork Bar
June 21st                               Ohiowa Street Dance         Ohiowa, NE
June 27th                                                    Turn One Bar, Geneva, NE
August 22nd                                                                    Plymouth, NE
August 23rd                       Street Dance                            Tobias, NE
August 30th                      Big Western Sky Festival     Swanton, NE
New Years Eve Party  Welcome 2009                          Plymouth, NE

                                 2007 Schedule

March 4th                                                                South Fork Bar, Western , NE
May 5th                                                        
Bubba's   Street Dance    Strang, NE
May 19th                                                                   
Lizard Lounge, Fairbury, NE
May 26-27                                                Big Western Sky Festival, Western NE
June 7th                                                                   
June 30th                                                    Pro Show Productions-Not Available
July 20th                                                       Western Street Dance, Western, NE
July 28th                                                                  Swanton, Ne  Street Dance!!!
August 18th                                        Twin Cities, MInn  Private Party, Wedding
Sept 8th                                           Crete Rib Fest, Saline County Fairgrounds
November 3rd, 2007                                                 Kansas City,  Private party

                                                           2006 Schedule
January 13th, 2006                                                                   Earls Tavern, Lincoln, NE
January 27th and 28th, 2006                                               JR's Down Under, Lincoln, NE
February 11th    SPECIAL VALENTINES SHOW!                Main Street Bar  Western,  NE
March 11th, 2006                     Keller's Lounge                                      Pleasantdale, NE
March 17th, 2006 Special St Pats BLOWOUT!                                                 Wilbur, NE
March 24th and 25th, 2006                                                   JR's Down Under, Lncoln,NE
April 14th, 2006          Welcome back to                                    Earls' Tavern, Lincoln, NE

June 8th, 2006                             COMSTOCK !
July 14th, 2006 Western Days Picnic and
Street Dance                                                                                   Western, Nebraska
August 25th, 2006                                                           The Iron Eagle Bar Daykin, NE
September 9th, 2006   Miller Saloon                                                               Wilbur, NE
November 18th, 2006                                                                                 Swanton, NE

                                                     2005 Schedule

December 31st, 2004                                                              Eagles Club, Lincoln, NE
January 8th, 2005                                                    Cornhusker Social Hall, Lincoln, NE
Feb 26th, 2005                                                                       Eagles Club, Lincoln, NE
April 2, 2005                                                   Sidelines Bar, Cook NE (Acoustic show)
April 16th, 2005    (Unavailable)                              Pro Show   Rock the Dock Spring FB
                                                                                      Embassy Suites, Lincoln, NE
May 7th, 2005      (unavailable)                                     Pro Show Concert Broken Spoke
                                                                                                                Lincoln, NE
May 21st, 2005                                                                       Sidelines Bar, Cook, NE

June 9th, 2005                                           Comstock Windmill Festival, Comstock, NE
June 10-12th, 2005 (unavailable)                        Pro Shows Comstock Windmill Festival
                                                                                                           Comstock, NE
July 23rd, 2005                                                          Branched Oak Grill, Malcolm, NE 
July 29th, 2005                                                                      Earls Tavern, Lincoln, NE
August 13th, 2005                                                                  Castaways Bar and Grill
August 28th, 2005             5-7:30PM and  9:00pm to 12:00             Nebraska State Fair
September 18th, 2005   2:00PM to 4:00PM                             St Johns Catholic Church
                                                                                                               Lincoln, NE
October 21st, 2005                                                                Earls Tavern, Lincoln, NE
November 18th, 2005                                                       JR's Down Under Lincoln, NE







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2008 Schedule